ith them for hours, if not for a longer period, the recollection of some of the faces that came within the range of their vision on that morning walk. They were frequently accosted by the sellers of crucifixes, rosaries, and other things appertaining to the religion which

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was represented by the people on their way to mass. Evidently the morning is the best


time for these venders to dispose of their wares, and they endeavor to make the most of it. Rather incongruously, these dealers in sacred things were jostled by the sellers of lottery tickets; these gentry pursue their avocations at all hours and in all places and are ver

y persistent. They offer to sell you the ticket that will be sure to draw the highest prize, and in every way possible exercise their ingenuity to persuade you to buy. The tickets are of all prices, and one can invest much or little, according to his means and inclination. Frank investigated the subject of lotteries in Mexico, and found that they were a regular institution of the country; in fact, they are to be [Pg 145] found in pretty nearly all the countr

ies of Spanish America. Th

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e Government gives charters to certain associations, and very often runs the lottery i


tself; the profits are large, and the Government makes a handsome revenue from the business. The sale of tickets amounts to about $3,000,000 a year in Mexico; and after deducting the value of the prizes and the expense of conducting the enterprise, the net revenue to the Government is not far from $800,000. MEXICAN LOTTERY TICKET. Frank did not invest in the lottery, but he went to witness one of the drawings. It took place in public, and seemed to be perfec

tly fair. The numbers were drawn from the boxes by blind boys, who were brought from one of the hospitals for the blind, and were accompanied by the professor in charge of that institution. Sometimes, when a blind boy or man cannot be easily obtained, the drawing is made by an Indian who cannot read; and he is carefully blindfolded, so that there can be no suspicion of fraud. Judging by the large attendance at the drawing, it is evident that the lottery is very

popular in Mexico. Nearly

everybody seems to speculate in the tickets, and when the drawing is made and the lucky number announced,

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won the highest prize in the great National Lottery three times in succession. Flower-sellers were out in goodly number when the youths took their morning walk, and the wares they offered were fresh and attractive. We have already seen the fondness of the Mexicans for flowers, as shown at Monterey and elsewhere in the north. The city offered no


exception to the rule, and the size and beauty of the bouquets, combined with their low price, were calculated to astonish the visitors. For twenty-five cents Frank bought a bouquet, which he sent to Doctor Bronson's room. It was about two feet high and the same in diameter, and was

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